Joseph Dragun

Joseph Dragun - Psychologist, PhD, LP

Heathcare Insurance Accepted:

It can be hard to keep going when you feel stuck in your life, whether it is a relationship, a job, or simply not knowing what to do with the thoughts and feelings that come into your head. You may find it hard to get through your day: losing efficiency at work, finding it difficult to sleep or relax, pushing loved ones away, or just daydreaming when there are things that you need to do. Sometimes the pressure is too much and you might be tempted to turn to alcohol, food, television, gaming, or some other way to feel and connect with someone or something. Or, it is also possible, that you just check out.

Counseling can help you and I invite you to reach out to me. I know that finding a therapist that truly gets you is tough. Acceptance and understanding are all needed, but it’s challenging to find someone to trust that treats you like a human being. I will listen to you and work with you. I want us to work together towards a plan and create steps that help you deal with whatever issues you are currently struggling with.

I graduated from Wayne State University with my Bachelor’s degree, from the Center for Humanistic Studies with my Master’s, and the Union Institute with my Doctorate. In the past I have seen a broad range of people who came in with a wide range of different issues and struggles.

Although I still work with many people, I specialize in working with people who have issues with trauma, spirituality, relationships, and men’s issues.

This is not the end for you. This is the beginning. I can help, and invite you to reach out to me.