Services for Adults

"We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them" -Albert Einstein

When working with individuals, whether it be in person or online, our goal is to provide space for you to share your story and reflect on your life in a way that feels safe. And then using that experience to help you better navigate towards achieving the goals for yourself that you are working towards. Our work is guided by your unique needs and is meant to promote self-advocacy, empowerment, and mind/body wellness.

Each therapist here at Optimum Balance Counseling has worked with individuals in a variety of areas to help them identify the beliefs and behaviors that are preventing them from living healthy, effective, and fulfilling lives. Together we explore new and different ways of thinking so that your authentic self can emerge and thrive in a more rewarding way.

All of us at Optimum Balance Counseling have extensive experience in working with many issues, including: