Services for Couples

"We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them" -Albert Einstein

Very often couples get caught up in patterns of negative interactions, having the same fights over and over. They don’t like it, would like to change it, but don’t know how to talk about it. Over time they become less and less connected to one another, leaving them feeling frustrated and alone in the relationship. Over time this turns into a cycle and intensifies and grows into resentment and bitterness if that cycle is not broken.

Our therapists help you and your partner identify the root cause of the interactional patterns that leave you feeling alone and frustrated. By exploring each partner’s experience in the relationship, we will help you share your inner thoughts with each other in an effective way so you can gain new and powerful insight about each other. These new insights also help you make sense of what has been contributing to those patterns that pushed you away from each other. Understanding each other – and these patterns – in a new way will draw you closer to one another, facilitate healing and allow for new, fulfilling patterns of interaction to evolve between you.

We understand every couple is unique. We are skilled in helping you both navigate this healing process, regardless of how you came to find yourself in this place of seeking support and help.

All of us at Optimum Balance Counseling have extensive experience in working with many issues when it comes to couples.

The following are some of the most common and impactful difficulties: