Teresa Traks-Garrison

Teresa Traks-Garrison, L.P.C., M.A., BASW

Heathcare Insurance Accepted:

Originally from the Clarkston area in Michigan. Graduated High School in 1980. Grew up with two sisters and one brother. Attended O.C.C. in 1981 to earn associate degree. Attended U.O.M./Flint for 4 years and earned bachelor’s degree majoring in Social Work (2001). Intern shipped at the Fenton school in Genesee County and began substitute teaching K-12. Completed Master’s degree two years at C.M.U. in Mount Pleasant (graduated 2010) with a major in Counseling education. My thesis at that time focused on effective counseling methods for teenage boys. I enjoyed the experienced gained by substitute teaching at several schools K-12 as well as Alternative ed. and Special ed. Classes for students with disabilities (2004-2009). My experience includes 16 years working in long term/short term rehab. Facilities serving all adults including the geriatric population. I have worked with children and families at Whaley Children’s Center and C.M.H./Lapeer. I am well trained in working with children who need bereavement counseling for issues surrounding all types of loss. I have worked as a limited licensed therapist from 2011-2019 to gain knowledge in a variety of settings.

Teresa is a fully licensed professional counselor with over 16 years of experience in the mental health field. She has experience working with individuals, groups, children, teens and the geriatric population. Teresa has a wealth of knowledge working with individuals struggling with severe mental illness and dual diagnosis. Working collaboratively with your current Doctor is very important. Teresa understands how our mental health can impact ones’ daily living and will teach skills needed to increase awareness. She has worked with the public school system, courts and community agencies and is able to support you with guidance and skills you can apply today. Teresa utilizes a holistic and eclectic approach to counseling that starts with where you are; and helps you to identify and achieve your goals. Methods include but are not limited to T.F.B.T.; C.B.T.; D.B.T. and solution focused brief therapy. Techniques utilized can include elements of mindfulness with emphasis on Holistic approaches when indicated. She believes that with increased knowledge and support, we all can work together on our journey of life.